Frequently Asked Questions . . . . .

The upstairs of my house is always hotter in the summer & cooler in the winter, why?

     Heat always rises therefore the upstairs will be hotter in the summer and cooler in the winter. If your home only has one unit we are going to assume the unit was sized right for your home. You do have other options, such as, reworking the ductwork so that air can flow more freely throughout the home. You can also consider installing a smaller unit for the specific purpose of controlling the temperature of the upstairs of your home.


I have allergies, it was suggested that I install UV lights on my furnace? What are they for?

     UV is the abbreviation for ultraviolet. These are lights that are installed in the return air ductwork and by the indoor cooling coil. The UV light kills bacteria that comes into your furnace that would otherwise go through your filter and back into your home. It helps cut down on some of those allergens that you may be allergic to.


Why must I have my new furnace and air conditioner cleaned?

     Even though your system is new, it is a great idea to get into the habit of scheduling regular maintenance. Often times we don't realize how dirty these systems will get or fast they can get dirty. With our busy lives we tend to want to schedule these maintence checks but often times forget. By keeping your unit maintained not only are you extending the life of your unit but you are also keeping the warranty in effect. We would be happy to go over our Planned Service Agreement with you and take the worry off you on when your systems need maintenance.  


How important is to change my air filter in my heating and cooling system?

     Extremely important. The air we breathe in our
homes is filled with dust, pollen, plant spores, and other pollutants. These pollutants becomes trapped in the filters of your system, by cleaning or replacing these filters regularly your home can be free of most of these particles
and your system will run a lot more smoothly. Every home is different, depending on the traffic that travels through your home or the pets you have living with you will depend on how often you will need to check on your filter. Getting in the habit of checking your filter on a regular basis wil help the life of your system.


How important is adding humidity to my home?

     As we heat our homes, the air has a tendency to dry out. This dry air can damage the woodwork and furniture you have in your home as well as take a toll on your skin. Adding humidity can add comfort to your home.