Benefits of a Planned Service Agreement

Peace Of Mind - Automatic, periodic inspection, lubricating, adjusting and cleaning of your heating and cooling system and cleaning of your heating cooling system keeps it running at peak, trouble-free efficiency. Potential problems are spotted before they cause trouble.


Competent Experts At Your Service - A competent, trained dependeable staff of experts looks after your equipment and its performance. We work with your equipment and its performance. We work with you to schedule your service calls when convenient.


Preferred Treatment - PSA's increase system reliability, but should you need emergency service, PSA entitles you to preferential treatment.


Choice Of Programs - You set the number of PS calls per year. This will determine the cost of your Planned Service Agreement.


Price Protection - Your agreement price cannot be raised during the effective dates. Prices will not be raised for following renewal periods without notifying you.


Service You Can Trust - Our skilled experts know their business. Rely on them and our reputation to give you fast, dependable, and fair service.


PS inspections help reduce the number of emergency calls by revealing potential problems that can be corrected inexpensively before causing major repair bills.


Regular systems tune- ups will also help reduce your utility bills by keeping your system operating at peak efficiency.